Tamagotchi iD

iD Growth Chart: Click Here

iD Codes!

Enter these codes in the "Password" menu (fifth selection) in the "Connect" menu (sixth icon.) Choose the first selection (Numbers) to put in a numerical password. Choose the second selection (Letters) to put in a letter password.

If a letter password has less than ten letters, leave an empty space for the unused spaces.

You can use all codes on the iD Lovely-Melody Ver. unless specified.

60576 01893- McDonalds Living Room (1000 GP)

71249 35698- Jewel Living Room (3000 GP)

87094 91352- Stage & Mic (2500 GP)

28585 37149- Cell Phone(1500 GP)

12619 42038- Tiara (5000 GP)

54925 74983- Eco Bag (0 GP)

86802 48153- Cotton Candy (110 GP)

32634 70719- Fruit Parfait (350 GP)

68592 76210- Aquarium Living Room (1500 GP)

91256 86673- Flower Headdress (2700 GP)

70315 29240- Matryoshka (800 GP)

92467 50941- Resort Living Room (2000 GP)

12619 42038- Crown

50749 56528- Gyu-udon (200 GP) (Doesn't work on iD Lovely Melody)

EXPRESS- Hamburger

TAKEOUT- Potato (French Fries)


RAINBOW- Nuggets (Chicken McNuggets)



HAPPY- Fillet o'Fish

LOVELIN- Sweet Corn (Nibblets)

Codes Found By TamaTalk and Tama-Zone

The Tamagotchi iD is a continuation of the Tamagotchi Plus Color. It has more features, items, and characters.

Starting Off

You must install AAA batteries before you do anything. Press the small button on the battery cover and slide it down. The batteries need to be in the same direction (the negative side facing up.) Put the cover back on and press the reset button.


Once you press "Reset," your iD will turn on. You will be prompted to set the date and time. Press the A Button to scroll through the numbers and the B Button to select the number. Press the C Button to go back if you make a mistake.


Once you set the time, you will then enter your birthday.


Now you must enter a username for your iD. A Button: Scroll through letters  B Button: Select letter  C Button: Go back to a letter


Once you complete all that, you will see your egg. It will hatch in one minute.

Your Tama

Your tama will hatch and call for attention.


Pet Stats

To see your tama's stats, select the "Pet Stats" menu (first icon.)


The first screen will display your tama's Hungry and Happy levels,TaMaToMo letters you have, and amount of Gotchi points you have.


Hungry levels are shown by displaying four empty circles (very hungry) up to four rice bowls (very full.) Happy levels are shown on a rainbow bar. The longer the bar, the happier your tama is.


The second screen shows the adult characters that were under your care that have earned TaMaToMo. Each face is called a "character seal." There are eleven character seals in all. The little number in the down-right corner shows how many character seals you have.


The third screen shows your tama's name (top-left corner), gender (under name), age (top number), weight (middle number), and generation number (bottom number.)



TaMaToMo is an extension of the happy bar. It is actually four more levels of happiness, each with one Japanese letter: Ta Ma To Mo. You can earn TaMaToMo letters when your tama is an adult. You have to do certain things to earn each TaMaToMo letter, depending on your tama character.


When you earn all TaMaToMo letters, you get a special "Friend Stamp" for your tama. You can earn another TaMaToMo stamp for the adult character in the next generation.


Once you earn TaMaToMo, check outside. There will be a balloon with a message on it.


Your TaMaToMo status might be cancelled if you don't take good care of your tama. 


Friends Plaza: There is a special "Friends Plaza" where you can go and visit previous-generation characters who have earned the TaMaToMo Friend Stamp. Go to the Door icon and select the last selection to go to the Friends Plaza. 


To be able to go to the Friends Plaza, you must:


-Have all four TaMaToMo letters

-Have your Happy Bar in the Red Section (very happy)

-Have at least two Friend Stamps from two different adult tamas (different generations)


What To Do To Earn TaMaToMo Based On Your Character


To feed your tama, go to the "Meal/Snack" menu (second icon.) The first selection is "Meal." The second selection is "Snack." Feed your tama meals to fill the Hungry Bar. Feed your tama snacks to fill the Happy Bar.


Meal: There are three choices where you can get your meal. You can get it from the Refrigerator (first selection), Convenience Store (second selection), and Restaurant (third selection.)


Snack: There are three choices where you can get your snack. You can get it from the Cupboard (first selection), TamaDoughnuts (second selection), and TamaCafe (third selection.)


Some selections might not be available for your tama until it grows up.


You need Gotchi points to purchase things from the Convenience Store, the Restaurant, TamaDoughnuts, and TamaCafe.


TamaDoughnuts: TamaDoughnuts sells one flavor of doughnuts daily. The flavors are:


-An Doughnut 

-Mango Doughnut

-Tama Doughnut

-Ichigo (Strawberry) Doughnut

-Chocolate Doughnut

-French Cruller


If you don't like the flavor-of-the-day, you can either wait until the day the flavor is available, or you can use a simple cheat:


Set the time to 6:59 AM. Wait a minute for your tama to wake up. The flavor-of-the-day should change to the next in the list. Keep doing this until your desired flavor is available.


If your tama has squiggle lines next to it and it's moving from side-to-side, select the "Bathroom" icon (third icon) so it can poo.


If your tama makes a mess on the floor, select the Bathroom icon to clean it up.


If your tama doesn't need to go poo, or if there's no mess on the floor, you will see a menu.


Toilet: Sometimes, your tama will need to use the toilet, but wont move side-to-side. Select "Toilet" (first selection) to send your tama to the toilet.


Bath: When your tama is dirty, you can send him/her to the bath by selecting "Bath" (second selection.)



Select the "Door" menu (fourth icon) to take your tama outside.


You might not be able to go to a certain area until your tama grows up.


In Order:



GoGo Slot Machine: You will get three chances to match the pictures to earn Gotchi points. Press either A or B to stop the slot sections.


Get 3 Mametchis- 60pts. Get 2 Mametchis- 30pts.

Get 3 Kikitchis- 40pts. Get 2 Kikitchis- 20pts.

Get 3 Chamametchis- 20pts. Get 2 Chamametchis- 10pts.

Get 3 Supeisiitchis- 0pts. Get 2 Supeisiitchis- 0pts.


If on all 3 tries you perfectly match 3 Mametchis, you get a 20pt. bonus!


Catching Game: Catch the correct item when it falls down the screen. The box on the right shows what item you need to catch. The little number next to it shows how many successful catches you have. Catch 20 items to win.


Use A to move the basket left. Press B to move the basket right.


If you catch the wrong item twice, it will count as one successful catch.


Doughnut Park

Your tama will play with other tamas at the Doughnut Park.


TamaTama Department Store

You can purchase food and items from here, if you have enough Gotchi points.


Select the item you wish to buy. Confirm your purchase by selecting the first option (Yes.) If you bought food, it's in the Meal/Snack menu. If you bought an item, it's in the Chest.


GotchiGotchi Interior Design

You can change the look of every part of your house.

Menus in this order:


Living Room






Select which part of your house you want to remodel. You will see four new styles. The prices for the styles stay the same. Scroll through the styles with A, and choose the desired style with B. Select the first selection (Yes) to confirm your purchase.


Photo Studio

You can take cute pictures of your tama at the Photo Studio!


First, choose what you want your tama to wear. Press A to scroll through the costumes. Press B to select the costume.


Next, choose the background of the photo.


You will then see how many Gotchi points it will cost. Select the first selection (Yes) to confirm the purchase.


Once the photo is taken, it will go in the "Photo Album" in the "Book" menu (eight icon.)


Photo Album Is Full: If you take a lot of photos, your photo album will get full. You will see a screen full of text when you try to purchase a photo. You will be taken to your Photo Album. Scroll through your photos with A, and select a photo with B. Select the first selection (Yes) to delete the photo.


Accessories Shop

You can buy accessories for your tama at the Accessories Shop. All accessories are stored in the "Closet" icon (sixth icon.)


Select the item you wish to buy. Confirm your purchase by selecting the first option (Yes.)


Blind Date Party (Dating Place)

Your tama can get married at the Blind Date Party. When your tama goes there, he/she will be introduced to three other tamas of the different gender.


Choose which tama you want to marry. Move the cursor with A and select your desired tama with B. Once you select a tama, you two will kiss and marry. Fireworks will display, then both tamas will go on a mini-date.


When your tama returns home, she will have a baby.


Your tama must be an adult for two days (?) to mate.


Friend Plaza

The "Friends Plaza" is where you can visit previous-generation tamas who earned the TaMaToMo Stamp.


IR Communication/Codes

This is where you can connect to other Tamagotchis/devices and enter in codes and passwords.

Tamagotchi iD: Connect to another iD toy.


Plus Color: Connect to a Plus Color toy.


Hexagontchi: Connect to a Hexagontchi toy.


Download: Send downloads to a mobile phone (with an IR port)


Password: Enter a code/password


Special Communication: Connect with a special device (ex. DekaTama)


Connection Games

iD: PK (Soccer)- Both tamas try to get the ball into the other tama's goal. If a tama blocks the ball from getting into the goal, he/she wins.


Plus Color & Hexagontchi: Block Building- Both tamas stack blocks together. Whoever completes their stack first wins. If one tama's stack falls over, he/she loses.


Connection Gifts

If an adult tama connects to another tama, he/she might give a gift to the other tama.


Mametchi- Sushi

Gozarutchi- Zaru Soba

Lavulitchi- Heart Churros

Chamametchi- Cream Soda

Kuchipatchi- Mixed Soft (Ice Cream)

Memetchi- Roll Cake

Kikitchi- Cowboy Hat

Furawatchi- Head Dress

Makiko- Elegant Hat

Uwasatchi- Transceiver

Kuromametchi- Soccer Ball

Info From Tama-Zone


If the Happiness level increases after connecting, both tamas will get Gotchi points. This only occurs when connecting two iD toys. It doesn't work with Plus Color or Hexagontchi.



The "Closet" icon (sixth icon) is where the wearable items that you buy/obtain are stored.


If you want to remove the accessory your tama is wearing, go to the option that shows only the Japanese word hazusu (remove.) Confirm by selecting the first selection (Yes.)



All non-food items that you purchase/obtain will be stored here (except accessories.)


Daily Necessities (first option): Everyday items (not toy.)


Toys (second option): Toys that you can play with. (Some toys might only be accessible to certain characters/stages.)


Special Items (third option): Special exclusive items that you obtain/purchase. (Some items might only be used by certain characters/stages.)



The "Book" icon (eight icon) has information about connection friends and it is where your "Photo Album" is located.


Unlike the Plus Color, there isn't a "History" section to view the tamas who have died under your care.


Friends List

If you connected with another tama, they will register in your Friends List. It will display your friend's name (bottom-left), gender (right), friendship level (left bar), and what number friend he/she is (top-right corner.)


You can store up to 50 friends in your Friends List. You can't connect to a tama unless you delete one of your friends. To delete a friend from the Friends List, go to his/her screen and press B. Select the first selection (Yes) to delete friend. Select Yes again to confirm deletion.


Photo Album

This is where the photos you take at the Photo Studio are stored. Scroll through the photos with A or B. You can save up to 5 photos.



Whenever your tama gets sick, go to the "Medicine" icon (sixth icon) to cure him/her. You will tell that he/she is sick by seeing either a black skull or a rotten tooth hovering above them. The room will also turn dark and gloomy.



The "Attention" icon (tenth icon) will light up if your tama needs something. (i.e. Hungry/Happy Bar empty, sick.)

iD Facts



Marrying via Blind Date Party: When your tama is old enough (Adult for two days) it is able to look for a mate. Go to the Door icon and select "Blind Date Place" (seventh option.) Your tama will go to the Blind Date Party and will be introduced to three other tamas of a different gender. Select the tama that you want to marry. Move the cursor with A and choose the tama you want with B. You two will kiss and officially be married. Both tamas will go on a mini-date.


When your tama gets home, he/she will have a baby. The baby stays with your tama for a little while. They both play together and, eventually, the baby will take a nap. Your tama will then kiss it goodbye and leave. You are left with the baby, which is the start of the next generation.


The Happy bar will empty out, and TaMaToMo will start over; the Hungry bar remains full. Any purchased items, food, and themes stay with the baby, however.


Any connection gifts will stay for the baby.


Marrying via Connection: If two adult characters of a different gender have a great friendship level, they will mate if you connect them enough. Bath tamas will jump out of the screen. Then, on one iD toy, there will be a sign that translates to "AWAY." On the other iD toy, a small church will appear. Both tamas come up to each other and kiss. Fireworks will appear on both iD toys.


After that, they both go back home. The girl gives birth to two babies: one for her, and one for her spouse.


Marrying via Connection only occurs when connecting two iD toys. It doesn't work with Plus Color or Hexagontchi.


Your Tama Is Dead (Not Adult Character)...

If your tama falls on the floor looking sick, select the "Medicine" icon quick. It will be taken to the hospital. Your tama might die there. If it dies, press A and C together to get a new egg. Some items will still be there for the new egg. TaMaToMo is not transferred.


Your Tama Is Packing (Adult Character)...

If your tama is looking mad with a suitcase next to it, quickly select the "Medicine" icon to become friends again. If you don't do this in time, your tama will go away and leave a "farewell" letter for you. Press A to read the letter. Press A again to view the information of your tama.


If the tama earned TaMaToMo, its seal will be removed.


Press A and C together to start over with a new egg. Some items will still be there for the new egg. TaMaToMo is not transferred.


The B Button

Press the B Button to scroll through these screens:

Inside your house

Outside your house

Date/Time Screen


Set the Date/Time

Press B until you get to the time screen. Press A and C together to activate the time editor.


Press A to change the time format. (12-hour to 24-hour.)


Turn the Sound On/Off

Press A and C together. Choose the first selection (On) to turn the sound on. Choose the second selection (Off) to turn the sound off.


Adjust Contrast

At the Date/Time screen, press B and C together. Use A to lower contrast. Use B to raise the contrast. Press C to exit.


Pausing Your iD

There isn't a button combination to pause your iD toy. If you leave it on the time screen, your iD will, in a way, be paused. 


Resetting Your iD Toy

Press the little button on the back (under the button to open the battery cover) with a pointed object. Your Plus Color Toy should make a long beep.


If you need to replace the batteries, press the button to open the battery cover (above the reset button.) Slide the lid off and change the batteries.


Once you press the Reset button, you will be asked if you want to load the last tama you had or to reset the toy. Select the first choice (Load) if you want to load the last tama you had. Select the second choice (Reset) if you want to start over.