Tamagotchi iD Lovely-Melody Version

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The Tamagotchi iD Lovely Melody Version is another version of the Tamagotchi iD, but more musical. You can raise two new characters, Lavulin and Melodytchi. Most of the features on this version are the same as the regular iD.


The two special shell designs are "Lovely Music" and "Melody Crown."


iD Lovely-Melody Growth Chart: Click Here! 



Violin- There are two lines, A is the top, B is the bottom. There is a star on the left end of each line. Music notes will come on the screen from the right. When the note is on the star, press A or B, depending on what line it is on. If there is a connected note, press and hold the correct button until the note gets off the star.


The game goes faster as you get more notes correct.


Lavulin Cooking- Food will be cooking on a pan. When there is a red circle under a food item, scroll to it by pressing A, and select it by pressing B. Don't let the food burn!


More food items appear on your pan as you advance in the game.


TaMaToMo for iD Lovely-Melody Version

Just like the regular iD, there is TaMaToMo that your adult tama can earn. There are 11 character stamps that you can earn. Two TaMaToMo characters (Lavulitchi and Uwasatchi) on the regular iD are replaced by the two special Lovely-Melody characters (Lavulin and Melodytchi.)


The way to earn TaMaToMo for your adult tama on the Lovely-Melody is the same as the regular iD, but there are new ways to earn it for Lavulin and Melodytchi.



Ta: Eat Napolitan

Ma: Eat Heart Cake

To: Wear Heart Sunglasses

Mo: Keep your adult tama with you for three days (72 hours)



Ta: Eat Beef Stroganoff 

Ma: Eat Sachertorte

To: Use Melody Violin

Mo: Keep your adult tama with you for three days (72 hours)