Tamagotchi Plus Color

Plus Color Character Chart

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Plus Color Codes!

Go to the Heart Icon and select the 2nd option. Enter the codes by scrolling through the numbers with the A Button, and selecting the number by pressing the B Button.

37414 95226 - Christmas Cake

80155 05372 - Doughnut

58748 72213 - Sweet Potato

84328 41937 - Hapihapi seeds (when eaten, Hapihapi will appear!)

17140 03794 - McDonalds seeds

93151 09844 - Letter seeds

83512 94047 - Mochi

14751 26428 - Chocolate

13231 37549 - Cookie

82643 70716 - Picnic

41286 51789 - Koshiwa Mochi

15640 37912 - Umeboshi

79327 71819 - Watermelon

37017 98238 - Shaved Ice

92849 51716 - Tsukimi Dango

18752 32429 - Candy

Secret Game?!

There is a secret game (Door menu, last option that says "??????") that you can unlock if you have all the special items listed below.

Rainbow: use the rainbow watering can on a day with puffy clouds. The rainbow watering can is won in the lottery.

Shooting Star: use the telescope on a night with stars in the sky.

Leaf: use the magnifying glass, just after planting a seed on a day with puffy clouds

Stick: eat an ice lolly.

Tea: drink Japanese tea.

Heart Cloud: go outside on a day with puffy clouds.

Hapihapi Fruit: eat a candy heart from the hapihapi tree. The password for hapihapi seeds is 84328 41937

Every one of these items (except the Hapihapi fruit) are earned ramdomly. You might want to repeat the action until you receive the special item.

Your happy bar should be in the red section. Now you can play the secret game!


Kuchipatchi can turn into Patchiman when you use the Super Hero Set on him. Use the Super Hero Set on him again to change him back to normal.

The Tamagotchi Plus Color was the first Tamagotchi toy to have a color screen, hence the name.

Starting Off

You must install AAA batteries before you do anything. Press the small button on the battery cover and slide it off. The batteries need to be in the same direction (the negative side facing up.) Put the cover back on and press the reset button.


Once you press "Reset," your Plus Color will turn on. You will be prompted to set the date and time. Press the A Button to scroll through the numbers and the B Button to select the number. Press the C Button to go back if you make a mistake.


Once you set the time, you will then enter your birthday.

Now you must enter a username for your Plus Color. A Button: Scroll through letters  B Button: Select letter  C Button: Go back to a letter


Once you complete all that, you will see your egg. It will hatch in a few minutes.

Your Tama

Once your tama hatches, it will demand for attention.

Pet Stats

To see its stats, go to the "Pet Stats" menu (first icon.) The first screen shows Hungry and Happy levels. Your tama's Hungry level is shown by displaying four empty circles (very hungry) up to four rice bowls (very full.) Your tama's Happy level is shown by displaying a rainbow bar. The longer the bar, the happier your tama is.


The second screen shows your Gotchi point amount and your Prize Ticketamount.


The third screen shows the name of your tama (upper left), the gender, the age (top number), its weight, and the generation (bottom number.)



To feed your tama, go to the "Meal/Snack" menu (second icon.) The first selection is "Meal." The second selection is "Snack." Feed your tama meals to fill up the hungry meter. Feed your tama snacks to fill up the happy meter. Be careful not to feed your tama too much, or not to underfeed your tama.


The built-in foods:


Meal: Rice Ball, Sandwich, and Oden


Snack: Banana, Gum, and Sake. (Younger tamas will not eat sake.)



If your tama makes a mess, select the "Toilet" icon (third icon.) If there are squiggles around your tama and its moving from side-to-side, quickly select the "Toilet" icon so your tama can use the toilet instead of making a mess on the floor.



Select the "Door" menu (fourth icon) if you want your tama to go somewhere. Note: Your tama might not be able to go out due to weather, or if it's too early in the morning or too late at night.


In Order:



Catch The Apples: The apples on the tree above will turn red before falling. Catch them by pressing A to go left and B to go right. If you miss an apple or catch an insect, you lose.


Card Match: Memorize where each card and its match are located. Press A to scroll through the cards. Press B to select the card. Match them all before time runs out without choosing the ghost card.


Shoot the Balloon: Hit all three balloons before time runs out. Press A to move the bow. Press B to shoot the arrow. Be careful not to hit the ghost balloon.


*On all games, you can press C to exit the game.


You can purchase food and items from here, if you have enough Gotchi points. You can also purchase a yellow transit pass so you can go to the Amusement Park.


Select the item you wish to buy. Confirm your purchase by selecting the first option (Yes.) If you bought food, it's in the Meal/Snack menu. If you bought an item, it's in the Chest.


Home Remodeling Center

You can change the look of every part of your house. Menus in this order:


Living Room 






Select which part of your house you want to remodel. You will see four new styles. The prices for the styles stay the same.


Ordinary- 0 GP

Japanese- 1000 GP

Mountain Hut- 1500 GP

Cool- 2000 GP

Royal-  3000 GP


You can have different styles in different parts of your house. (Ex. Kitchen is Royal while Bedroom is Japanese.)


If you switch to another style, you still have to pay again for the old style.



Your tama will go to the playground and play with another random tama.


The rest of the options are inaccessible unless you have/purchased the item needed.


Prize Center

When you go to the prize center, you will be asked to confirm the use of your Prize Ticket. Select the first option (Yes.) The roulette will spin and you'll get a prize!


You need to have a Prize Ticket to access this option. You can earn Prize Tickets if you buy something from TamaTamaMarket or TamaDepa.


Dating Place

Go to the Dating Place to find a mate for your tama. A tama of the different gender will appear. You will be asked if you want to marry him/her. Select the first option (Yes) if you do. Select the second option (No) if you don't.


After you mate, your tama will immediately have a baby. The baby stays with your tama.


Your tama must be an adult for two days to be able to mate.


Amusement Park

Your tama will go to the Amusement Park and have fun!


You need a yellow transit pass to go to the Amusement Park. You can purchase one at the TamaTamaMarket.



Your tama can buy exclusive items here. You can also buy a white transit pass (Temple) or a green transit pass (Celebria.)


You need a yellow transit pass to go to TamaDepa.



Your tama will go to a Japanese temple. (More in Plus Color Facts)


You need a white transit pass to go to the Temple.



A movie theater; your tama will watch a short movie with two other celebrities.


You need a green transit pass to go to Celebria.



Gotchi King's Castle; your tama will go to the Gotchi King Castle and play a game similar to "Catch the Apples." You receive 500 GP every visit.


You must have all of the seven special items and your Happy level should be in the red zone.


IR Communication/Codes

Select the "IR Communication/Codes" menu (fifth icon) if you want to connect to another Plus Color toy or input a code.


Connect to Tamagotchi+Color (first option): Select this to connect to another Plus Color toy. Both tamas will play a game together.


Code Input (second option): You can input a code that you find that works for the Plus Color.


Connect to Other (third option): Choose this to connect to either the Heart DekaTama (located in the TamaDepa store in Tokyo, Japan) or the DataCarddas "Fushigina Ehon" (an arcade game located in Japan.)



Whenever your tama gets sick, go to the "Medicine" icon (sixth icon) to cure him/her. You will tell that he/she is sick by seeing either a black skull or a rotten tooth hovering above them. The room will also turn dark and gloomy.



All non-food items that you purchase/obtain will be stored here.


Daily Necessities (first option): Everyday items (not toy.)


Toys (second option): Toys that you can play with. (Some toys might only be accessible to certain characters/stages.)


Special Items (third option): Special exclusive items that you obtain/purchase. (Some items might only be used by certain characters/stages.)



Go to the "Shower" icon (eight icon) to give your tama a bath.



The "Book" menu (ninth icon) is where you will find your friends list and your pet memory.


Friends List (first option): If you connected with another Plus Color toy, their tama information will register here.


It will show your friend's name (top), its gender (middle), the number of times visited (top right number), and your friendship level (bottom.)


If you want to delete a friend from the list, press B. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Select the first option (Yes) to delete. Select the last option (No) to go back.


Pet Memory (second option): If a tama has died under your care, their information will register into the Memory page.



The "Attention" icon (tenth icon) will light up if your tama needs something. (i.e. Hungry/Happy Bar empty, sick)

Plus Color Facts

~~Work In Progress: Tree and Seed Chart~~



Marrying via Dating Place: When your tama is old enough (Adult for two days) it is able to look for a mate. Go to the Door icon and select "Dating Place" (sixth option.) Your tama will go to the Dating Place. He will meet the Matchmaker. After they both talk, a tama of a different gender will walk up to your tama. They will blush at each other for a while. You will be asked if you want to marry him/her. Select the first selection (Yes) if you want to marry. Select the second selection (No) if you don't.


Once you marry, your tama will immediately have a baby. The baby stays with your tama. After a few seconds, the baby will take a nap. Your tama will then kiss it goodbye and leave. You are left with the baby, which is the start of the next generation.


The Happy bar will empty out; the Hungry bar remains full. Any purchased items, food, and themes stay with the baby, however.


The seven Special items do not stay for the next generation.


Marrying an Oldie (Otokitchi or Ojitchi): The Oldie characters can only mate with each other. You can either connect with another oldie or mate with one at the Dating Place.


Both have a baby, which can be either gender. The baby will grow straight to an adult, either Ojajitchi (boy) or Gorippatchi (Girl.)  


Marrying via Connection: If two adult characters of a different gender have a great friendship level, they will mate if you connect them enough. Bath tamas will jump out of the screen. Then, on one Plus Color toy, there will be a sign that translates to "AWAY." On the other Plus Color toy, a small church will appear. Both tamas come up to each other and kiss. Fireworks will appear on both Plus Color toys.


After that,  they both go back home. The girl gives birth to two babies: one for her, and one for her spouse.


The Temple

You can visit the Temple (Door icon, ninth selection) if you have a white transit pass. Once you get to the temple, your tama will start praying. After praying, your tama will shake a fortune, or omikuji, from a box.


Kanji symbols on the stick will tell your fortune. The fortunes are color-coded.


Red- Very Great Blessing

Orange- Great Blessing

Blue- Good Blessing

Green- OK Blessing

Black- No Blessing (Curse)


The B Button

Press the B Button to scroll through these screens:

Inside your house

Outside your house

Date/Time Screen 


Set the Date/Time

Press B until you get to the time screen. Press A and C together to activate the time editor.


Press A to change the time format. (12-hour to 24-hour.) 


Turn the Sound On/Off

Press A and C together. Choose the first selection (On) to turn the sound on. Choose the second selection (Off) to turn the sound off.


Adjust Contrast

At the Date/Time screen, press B and C together. Use A to lower contrast. Use B to raise the contrast. Press C to exit.


Pausing Your Plus Color

There isn't a button combination to pause your Plus Color toy. If you leave it on the time screen, your Plus Color will, in a way, be paused. 


Resetting Your Plus Color Toy

Press the little button on the back (under the button to open the battery cover) with a pointed object. Your Plus Color Toy should make a long beep.


If you need to replace the batteries, press the button to open the battery cover (above the reset button.) Slide the lid off and change the batteries.


Once you press the Reset button, you will be asked if you want to load the last tama you had or to reset the toy. Select the first choice (Load) if you want to load the last tama you had. Select the second choice (Reset) if you want to start over.